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Bamboo Innovations Story

At Bamboo Innovations, we believe it's important to invest in our communities and our future generations.

We build hope and optimism that a bright and sustainable future can be achieved and maintained.

We strive to inspire and build confidence that everyone can do a small part to make a BIG difference.

We are confident that by providing high quality products, which are responsibly resourced, made from renewable and sustainable materials such as bamboo, that we can be the change that will make a difference.

We are actively committed to introducing new innovative products for every stage of life.

About US

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    Where It Started

    Bamboo Innovations’ started as a small construction business in Medicine Hat, Alberta, with one guy, one truck and a garage full of lumber. Along came a girl with big ideas and extensive knowledge in the business world and when the two combined their expertise they discovered a new, sustainable product that hadn’t been well-known in Canada. After working with the materials, the pair recognized that its combination of durability and beauty were unmatched in the building world, so they travelled to Cali Bamboo in sunny San Diego, California where they could find out how to get their hands on more of those eco-friendly products.

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    How We've Grown

    Established in 2010, Bamboo Innovations was better known as Deadbolt Bamboo. Since then we have re-branded with a new name, re-located into larger warehouse spaces, expanded our team and taken on more complex and innovative bamboo inspired projects. Adding new building products like flooring, and new design products such as natural cork wall tiles, Bamboo Innovations is able to keep up with the growing demands of the market.

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    Where We're Going

    Bamboo Innovations is dedicated to promoting bamboo and recycled materials as a means to improve the use of the limited resources we have on our planet. The quality of the products we offer is what sets us apart and by working together with our suppliers we can continue to provide our customers with superior bamboo materials.

Our Team

  • Dustin Tizzard

    Dustin Tizzard Co-Founder & CEO

    Starting out in Construction, Dustin stumbled upon an opportunity to build with bamboo and fell in love with it right away. He continues to seek new innovative products to offer while developing new imaginative ways to design. “It’s great to offer something new that’s also a green product that’s sustainable. There was just no options before and now the applications are limitless. You can create some unique and inspiring things.”-Dustin

  • JoDana Tokamp

    JoDana Tokamp Sales & Marketing

    Staying Innovative and top-of-mind when it comes to bamboo is JoDana’s main challenge. As a co-founder of Bamboo Innovations, she has helped pioneer the way to sustainable design and architecture while making sure her clients are being taken care of. “It’s exciting being a part of something that has the new potential and endless possibilities. I’ve seen the market come from nothing available in Canada, to big box stores now offering these options. That’s the challenge that ensures we make every effort to do our research and offer only the best.”

  • Bobbi-Jo

    Bobbi-Jo Tokamp Customer Service

    Always there to answer your call and help to answer any concern, Bobbi-Jo is constantly striving to give you the exceptional service you deserve. Starting out with the company from the beginning, she knows what it takes to put the customer first and shares the vision on where Bamboo Innovations is headed. “It’s easy to offer great service when it’s combined with such extraordinary people and product that we get to work with everyday” –Bobbi-Jo

Our Projects