Bamboo Fencing How Would It Look In Your Backyard?

In North America, it isn’t every day that you see a bamboo fence. The reason for this should be obvious, there just aren’t that many people who think of bamboo as a building material, let alone an option for building an entire fence with.

However, despite the fact that you don’t see bamboo fences everywhere that you go, doesn’t mean that there are anything wrong with them. In fact, choosing to have a bamboo fence installed in your yard or install your own bamboo fence, is actually a very eco-conscious and intelligent choice.

Bamboo Fences, Why It Is The Best Choice

Now obviously, because we sell bamboo fencing, you may be skeptical about our motivations here. However, we have to assure you that it has nothing to do with us, why we tell people to choose bamboo for their fence. What we actually care about when sharing this information, is the fact that bamboo is a 100% green building material and the only option for hardwood fencing that doesn’t require lumber derived from important oxygen producing trees. Here in Canada, many people take pride in having their property surrounded with a real hardwood fence. They choose hardwood because they view it as a status symbol and because they prefer it to the look of metal or plastic. However, when they make the choice to select hardwood fencing made from lumber they are also choosing to contribute to the deforestation epidemic. And unless they are using re-purposed lumber for their fence, they are surrounding their property with was once an important part of our eco-system.

Bamboo, on the other hand, can be harvested and made into a variety of different things without doing any actual damage to the bamboo plant itself!

The way that this works is that bamboo stalks that are used as a resource are cared for in a bamboo forest “nursery” and then partially harvested ( trimmed down ) once they have reached a specific height.

Once the bamboo has been trimmed the plant that it derives from continues to grow living a long and full life, producing more bamboo while also producing oxygen for people to breathe. ( Yes, bamboo does that too! )

Someone who chooses to use bamboo for fencing around their home does not have to worry at all about causing any harm to the environment. They can feel great knowing that they have made a natural and 100% green choice, while also enjoying the unique aesthetic of an Asian inspired fence.

But can it hold up in the winter?

A common question that we get asked about bamboo fences here in Canada is “can it hold up in the harsh winter?” – It seems that many people are under the impression that bamboo is not a common building material in North America because it cannot withstand the cold.

This is just one of the many myths floating around about bamboo!

Bamboo actually can withstand almost any weather and the climate change does not impact the integrity of the bamboo at all.

Of course, just like a wood fence, your bamboo may need the occasional maintenance and replacement of stalks. This is more from regular “weathering” and not a fault in the bamboo itself.

Interestingly enough, natural bamboo has a waterproof coating that allows it to hold up quite well in wet conditions. And it’s cylinder “tube-like” shape, makes it sturdy enough to handle fast pummeling winds.

Building A bamboo fence – is it difficult?

The other reason why many people don’t choose bamboo fencing is because they believe that it will be difficult to put in.

However, like any do-it-yourself backyard project if you follow instructions and pay careful attention, installing a bamboo fence is no more difficult than putting in a regular fence.

If you cannot do it yourself, there are contractors out there who have experience putting in bamboo fences and who can be hired to assist you.

Could bamboo fencing be the way to go?

Full disclosure, around here we are pretty crazy about bamboo and we feel that bamboo fencing could be the right choice for any homeowner.

Not only is bamboo a natural eco-conscious alternative to lumber hardwood panels for fencing, it is also more attractive than plastic or steel.

And if you are worried about what the neighbors will think or if you can get them to agree to a partially bamboo fence, send them our way. We’ve been converting people into bamboo fans for nearly a decade. We know what we are talking about!


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