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Looking For A Quote On Bamboo Flooring?

Then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are just pricing out your home renovation or if you are just looking to compare different bamboo flooring retailers, we are always happy to provide our customers with a quote to help them make their buying decisions! When you contact us about your bamboo flooring you will be speaking directly to a member of our Bamboo Innovations team ( no middle man ) and we will be happy to personally correspond with you about your project.

When you order from us, you can feel confident knowing that the individual who you speak to about your purchase is the same person who will be placing the order and shipping it to you. In our experience, we have found that this leads to fewer errors and more satisfied customers!

” Thinking Big While Staying Small, Continuing To Provide Personalized Service to Each Of Our Customers! “

This is one of our core commitments to the amazing people who choose us!

Do you have general questions about bamboo flooring as an alternative to hardwood and laminate? Many of the inquiries we receive are questions about bamboo flooring and how it is different than other flooring options. For this reason, we have put together an extensive bamboo booklet that responds to all of the common misconceptions about bamboo that are floating around the info-sphere.

We have put a lot of heart and hard work into creating resources for new customers who are curious about the benefits of choosing bamboo because we believe that informing people is the BEST WAY for us to get more bamboo floors into the homes of happy customers.

And yes, it is our genuine passion for the environment and eco-conscious construction that has driven us to this level of bamboo fandom. The truth is that if more people chose bamboo then the demand for this amazing material would increase and thousands of trees that are cut down each year ( in countries where no deforestation laws exist ) would be saved!

Our passion for bamboo isn’t really about bamboo at all, but saving the planet by encouraging consumers to think globally when making their material purchases. Everyone who chooses bamboo instead of hardwood or synthetic laminate is making a difference the

Getting Bamboo Floor Samples

Still not sure if the bamboo flooring is for you?  When you receive a quote on bamboo flooring from us you can also request a sample of our Renegade Hardwood flooring in the color of your choice for physical comparison. Just let us know where you’d like your sample sent and what flooring colors you are considering. 

Quotes On Other Bamboo Innovation Products


Bamboo flooring is the most popular thing that we sell – and most of our inquiries are quotes on the price of bamboo floors. 

However, there are also other special projects that we provide bamboo construction supplies for such as; bamboo fencing, bamboo tiki bars, bamboo privacy walls and bamboo deck siding. If this is what you are looking for a quote for please indicate that to us in your email!

If you are looking for bamboo gifts and homewares we also have a selection of these items availble in our online store. Placing an order for these items is easy and can be done right here online! However, if you have any questions about the items listed for sale please do not hestitate to contact us!




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