What You Need to Know About Bamboo and Green Building Materials

Bamboo is one of the few truly green building materials currently available on the market. When used for fabrication it can be as solid as concrete. When you are looking for an amazing material to build with bamboo is a fantastic choice. It is incredibly strong but most importantly it is 100% renewable. For this reason choosing bamboo is a smart and eco-conscious choice.

Bamboo… It is Just Awesome!

Around here we are practically fanatic about bamboo. The reason for this is simple, we care about the environment and we want to create a better world for future generations. It may sound like a tall order, but if more people chose bamboo it would make an incredible difference.

Why? Because as a resource bamboo is astonishingly versatile! Not only does it produce oxygen ( like regular trees do ) while it is growing, it also does not require a lot of resources to grow. Additionally, bamboo plants prevent the soil from eroding where they are planted, provide homes for wildlife and create a food for animals, like Pandas, to eat. H

However, when it is ready for harvesting bamboo does not have to be destroyed!
Instead, you can cut it down to a shorter length and it will grow back.
Then, you can take the harvested bamboo and create all sorts of things.
Sounds too good to be true right?
Well, this is 100% reg absolute truth about bamboo. It is just amazing and this is why we are so crazy about it.

How Much Can Green Building Material Bamboo Create?


Despite this truth about bamboo, all over the world tree wood is still the most popular choice. Unfortunately, regular trees should not be considered a renewable resource because of the amount of time it takes for them to grow back. In fact, it absolutely does not make sense of humans to be harvesting the important oxygen producing trees in our jungles and forests if we do not need to. Not only because this is depleting the amount of oxygen producing trees on the earth but also because of the increased cost to grow the trees, harvest them and process them for much less wood material than what you get for bamboo.

Not sure what we mean?

A single bamboo plant can produce up to 12 times more completely green building material!
How does that sound?

It takes an average of 20 or more years to replace a single tree.
Where bamboo can grow back to its original size within a year.

Over a lifetime a single bamboo stalk will grow over back multiple times and produce 12 times more material for construction ( and textile ) than a regular tree could.

… are you impressed?… we sure are!

If you cannot believe that bamboo could possibly grow that fast or produce this much material then check this video out and see for yourself.

Bamboo is infamous for growing so fast that you can actually watch it. And depending on what type of bamboo species ( there are approximately 1600 different types ) the plant may grow up to a millimeter per minute. That’s insane! We love it!

Incredibly strong!

When you pick up a bamboo stalk it feels light weight. This is why many people have a hard time believing that bamboo could possibly be as strong as it is. But don’t be mistake its light weight for lack of strength. Recent green building material research has show that in comparison to the strongest materials in the world; concrete and steel bamboo can hold its own.

You may be wondering, seriously… how strong is it? Well if you like the numbers bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs per square inch.

To compare, steel is just 23, 000 tensile strength.

We aren’t joking around when we tell you that bamboo is as strong as steel.

Is bamboo practical for construction?

You can bet that it is.

Bamboo is very strong because of the fibers that its stalks are made up of. Bamboo has an outer skin, that is composed of a fibre called “silica” – bamboo is also waterproof and has an external coating that protects it from being broken down by the elements or damaging insects.

The structure of bamboo is a cylinder tube shape. This is what re-enforces it and makes it tough to break down.

Additionally, bamboo is also a naturally occurring material ( unlike steel and concrete ) and it actually insulates incredibly well. Buildings constructed with bamboo tend to be cool in the summer and can hold up well even in cold climates. The myth that bamboo can not hold up over the winter is absolutely not true!

In this day and age bamboo construction is mostly seen in Asian countries as well as in South America. Creative architects utilize bamboo to create unique and intriguing structures out of bamboo. Currently, there are many people working to push the limits of what can be built using bamboo and to change the perception that people have about it as a construction material.

Due to the fact that bamboo is a completely green building material, it is important to share this information around and let others discover how amazing that this resource is for themselves.

What is new in the world of bamboo?

Here in North America, slowly but surely, the word of bamboo is catching on. Recently, bamboo has been certified by the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) that tests and legitimizes materials for building structures.

If you desire you can now build any type of structure that you would like from bamboo. You can use it as the framework for your entire home if you would like!

More commonly, however, we see bamboo being utilized outside of the house as fences, decks, and coverings.

It is also becoming a very popular choice for flooring within the home because it is an eco-friendly and natural alternative to true wood hardwood, imitation hardwood or laminate.

Is bamboo for you?

One of the reasons why we are so dedicated to spreading the word about bamboo is because we believe that once people know the facts it will be hard for them to make a different choice.

Throughout the world, trees are being cut down and destroyed to manufacture products that could otherwise be built with bamboo.

Saving the rainforests and preventing deforestation should be a good enough reason for anyone to switch to bamboo and choose a more green building material! However, there are also so a few other reasons why bamboo is an excellent choice.

It looks great! You don’t have to make any aesthetic sacrifices by choosing bamboo.

It is healthy and natural. Bamboo is a green building material that requires minimal processing to be utilized. If you select bamboo you can rest assured that whatever you are building is non-toxic and safe!

It is biodegradable. Unfortunately, we have to face the facts that we won’t all be here forever. As a building material bamboo is biodegradable, it will eventually be absorbed into the earth naturally, so even if it ends up in a landfill you don’t have to feel guilty.

Are you convinced? Now that you know the facts, consider sharing them with someone else and let’s keep the bamboo movement going.


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